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Rising to the Occasion

The question since March of 2020 has been how to successfully facilitate a project-based learning program in the midst of a pandemic. The answers, from PCCAPS program administrators and instructors were these: 1) mitigate as much uncertainty as possible, 2) empower students to become confident remote collaborators, 3) have fun, 4) build strong relationships while in-person, and 5) stay safe. This semester's cast of Project Partners deserve extra recognition for their willingness to provide real-world experiences for students despite the new normal. PCCAPS is grateful. Read further for a list of these Project Partners and how, together, we have risen to the occasion during COVID-19.

Fall 2020 (Rockstar) Project Partners

Business Solutions

Beautiful World Adventures - client referral program

Christian Center of Park City - corporate sponsor challenge

Counseling Department, PCHS - website development for virtual calming room

Hearth and Hill - lunch time promotional event

Miner Baseball - keynote solicitation for annual winter fundraiser

Park City Baseball Academy - digital marketing, virtual coaching launch

Park City Desserts - holiday promotional product contest

Park Silly Sunday Market - holiday bazaar promotion & vendor database promotion

Power to Shred - membership business model development

Project Embrace - corporate sponsor challenge

STRT + Sustainable Startups - PCHS entrepreneurial pitch contest development

Sustainability Office, Summit County - student led creation of 5 year sustainability plan for PCHS

Technology Solutions

Adelear - cloud technology, big data project

HERE Technologies - website development

National Ability Center - emergency protocol app development

Skill Struck - HTML, CSS & Java mentor services

Digital Design

Back Door Deli - t-shirt designs

The Chicks Company - digital content expansion

Power to Shred - website refresh

The Playing For Life Foundation - branding and website refresh

Victorian Rose Botanicals - branding & website refresh

Engineering & Architecture

Columbus Pacific Development - restaurant redesign (Hyatt Centric Hotel)

Makana USA - component design and prototyping

MHTN Architects - environmental education pods

PCCAPS Alum, UV Sensor Project - phase IV: circuit housing prototype & testing

Spoil to Soil - design & prototype of compact, commercial kitchen composting receptacle

Student Powered Desk Challenge - work station with bicycle generated power

Podcast Launch

Who doesn't have a podcast? PCCAPS, that's who. A cross-collaborative team of 2 business solutions students, 2 technology solutions students and 1 digital design student is tasked with producing and launching a streamable podcast about PCCAPS.

Podcast production is a billion dollar industry that is forecasted to grow.

At the 2020 Silicon Slopes conference, iHeartMedia shared its business case for why audio is a key medium for capturing market attention.

Click here for >> iHeart's presentation!

Thank you to our podcast mentor, Chris Everett, Co-Founder of Indigo Podcast.

Remote Collaboration Skill Development

We, in the world of work, take remote collaboration technology platforms for granted. What we learned from the shut down last Spring was that PCCAPS students need to be self-sufficient and comfortable with email, running zoom calls, and calendaring meetings. This semester, our project partners are not able to visit the PCCAPS center. Additionally, the school population practices cross-contamination prevention protocols to avoid returning to full remote status. Stable, traditional conditions do not exist, and may not for the foreseeable future.

Mitigating risk to projects and student stress requires training in the following types of training for students. Students were led through these modules upon returning to school, prior to kicking off projects with their "clients."

Disruptive Thinking Games

To get those creative juices flowing, after months of quarantine, students played these games designed to challenge convention and collaborate with one another.


Disruptus™ asks players to look at objects and come up with an entirely different way use the object, or combine elements of objects to achieve a new purpose or use. The goal is to ‘disrupt’ conventional methods and innovate in 60 seconds.

Duct Tape Innovation Challenge

Students were tasked with conceptualizing, building and presenting a solution to a real-world problem. They were supplied with a kit of limited materials, including good old duct tape. Our favorites (pictured left to right below): 1) infrared googles worn by law enforcement to detect the presence of - or lack of - a weapon on a suspect in order to eliminate incidents of unnecessary police force; 2) an opioid medication dispenser that has a timed lock and an unfortunate, pointy, anti-tampering mechanism to reduce opioid abuse; and 3) a post-surgery knee brace that monitors healing and alerts surgeons of complications in real time.

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower Challenge

We thought we'd dust off collaborative Problem Solving skills with a round of Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower. Check out our archives for details on this challenge. We're thrilled to announce that two teams, each containing students unfamiliar with each other, achieved 35-inch towers. That's a big deal. :)

Here's to a great Fall 2020 semester....


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