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Project Request Form

By hitting "Submit Project" below, the Client Company/Organization agrees to the following: 

PCCAPS students complete “Projects” and/or “Services” for client companies under the supervision of their instructor with support and guidance from professional mentors.  


Time Commitment:  Client companies for whom “Projects” and/or “Services” are supplied must be active participants.  At a minimum, we request a project kickoff meeting, bi-monthly check-ins (regarding progress, reflections and adjustments) and a final presentation meeting.


Project Point of Contact:  The Client company must designate a single Project Point of Contact. This person is responsible for responding to all student communications regarding “Projects” and/or “Services”.  In the event the Project Point of Contact changes hands within the Client's organization, an administrator of the PCCAPS program must be notified via email. 

This icon will appear next to a field if there is supplemental information relative to a question.

Thank you for your project submission, our Project Coordinator will follow up with you.

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