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Become a mentor


Why Become a PCCAPS Mentor?

Mentors represent the "public" audience required to elevate student performance and learning.

Success Skill development increases with coaching.


This is an opportunity to pay industry knowledge forward to young people.


Time Requirement

Minimum 30-45 mins twice per semester.  More mentor involvement gives more strength to their learning.

Students are in session after 11am in the CAPS Center at Park City High School.

Types of Activities

Student project coaching and feedback

Guest speaking 

Final student project judging

Patient acting during medical bootcamp (Health & Medicine)

Request a project
Why Do Companies Partner with PCCAPS?

To gain solutions to business challenges.


They value cultivating the next generation's skills sets.


They recognize PCCAPS as a rich network of leaders.


This is an opportunity to be part of a transformational experience.


The students' capabilities are inspirational.

Project Life Cycle

Project submissions for consideration are due December 1st.


Students are presented with project options at the beginning of each semester. 1st Semester begins the 3rd week in August. 2nd Semester begins the 2nd week in January.


Project check-ins are required every two weeks. Conference calls & webinars are acceptable however we encourage 1) students to visit partner facilities off-site, 2) for partner companies to visit the CAPS center. 

Student Enrollment


Why Enroll in PCCAPS?

Gain real-world experience from industry professionals in a field of interest.


Exposure to career paths you may not have thought of.


Build "Success Skills" desirable to employers.


Meet entrepreneurs and positive change agents.


Make potential life-long career mentors and support contacts.

Student Eligibility

Those entering, or currently in 11th or 12th grade.


A desire to work in a profession-based, real-world environment.


Availability during 3rd & 4th period Red Days.

How to Enroll

Enrollment occurs during normal course registration in March.

Speak with your academic counselor!

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